Brugglyn Blue - next concert

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01/09/2018 Bruch Brothers, Luzern Baselstr. 7, 6003 Luzern 22:00

We are a three piece blues and blues rock band, based in Brugg Switzerland. Our set list includes music by Freddie King, Rory Gallagher, Junior Wells, Roy Buchanan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Charles Brown, Peter Green, Jeff Beck, T-Bone Walker, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Elmore James, Popa Chubby and more.
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Tonight at 9:00, the show kicks off with Bon Voyage, a fantastic "Chamber Pop" group from Brugg - Cajon, acoustic guitar, strings, clarinette and a great singer.

We're on at 10:00 with 5 new songs since the last gig in Rivers and we've thrown a couple out that weren't quite doing it.

100 yards down the road from the train station, towards the sunset. If you're coming by car, parking is a bit difficult. More info here :

See ya there !!

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It's official.

The gig that we've been hinting at but couldn't confirm until now.

We are supporting Gonoreas in the Salzhaus, Brugg on Saturday 21. May.
Details will be published soon on their website :


Next gigs

13 Mar 2011
Posted by warwick

Friday 13th May - Dampfschiff Brugg, with Bon Voyage
Saturday 21st May - To be announced (!!!)
Friday 24th June - River's Pub Brugg

Wow - Dampfschiff - already !!!
At least the date is far enough away so we can practice like hell to live up to this honour. Thanks a lot for the break Irene, we'll do our best to blow some new life into those old boilers. The support band is a great contrast to our music, get there early so you don't miss them. Check out Bon Voyage's page on facebook, there's some excellent sample tracks on there.

Happy Birthday Otti

13 Mar 2011
Posted by warwick

The surprise gig for Otti's birthday was a lot of fun for us. From our perspective, it was a technical success. The playing was more together than the last concert, good to hear that we can learn from our mistakes.

Many thanks Rita and all the crew for "inviting" us, ok we were paid well for it, but even so, it was more than just another gig. The jam with Otti was really cool and it was great to see all you ladies dancing and having a good time.

I hope that's not the last time we get to play the Beatle's "Birthday" - it's actually a pretty good song when you put some juice into it.

2nd gig in River's

09 Feb 2011
Posted by warwick

This was the concert we had to have. Some massive mistakes and some great moments where everything fell into place. And just about everything in between. Werner was on fire, Djamal was on double time and Warwick was way off key.

But still, the feedback we received was great and has convinced us to keep plugging away.

Many thanks to Angela Burrows for the guest performance, it was a blast.

And to the tireless team at River's, for keeping us well oiled, especially afterwards. We really hope that more bands from Brugg get a chance to play there, it's turning into a great venue.

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"The last girl I chopped wood for, she want's me back again" ...

Same place, roughly the same time. We have started practicing 6 new songs, hopefully they'll be ready by then. It was a really great atmosphere last time - ask someone who was there - don't miss this one. It may be the last time we play in Brugg for a while.

Hope to see you there.

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The first three songs from the upcoming demo EP "Cellarful of Noise" can be heard on our new myspace page. This is the first mix, the final versions and the remaining two songs will be released next week (hopefully).
Many thanks Daniel Gerber for the recording and Gordon Richard for the mixing work. Great working with you guys.

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We recorded five songs for a demo in Reloaded's practice room in Aarau. Many thanks to Daniel Gerber for the professional engineering help. Gordon Richard will be doing the mixing and mastering, hopefully he can get started with it on Saturday the 8th. The results will be posted here for download as soon as possible.

... well - from our point of view - what do you expect us to write here ?

Thanks everyone for coming and for the great support. We could really feel (and see and hear) the vibe from "the crowd", it was great to see that all that hard work hit a nerve somehow. We really felt that the whole room was on the same wavelength.

Thanks to Hanspeter, Daniela and Evi for looking after us. The room was perfect for this type of concert, close to town, right size, great service at the bar --- what more do you need ?

Posted by warwick

We are playing downstairs in the River's Pub, over the bridge from Number 1 and the Havanna Bar (Shakespeare's for the oldtimers) on Saturday, 11. December starting at around 8:30 PM. We are still working on the set list, but it will contain a range of songs from slow blues (only one per set) to full blown Hendrix with some SRV and Freddie King in between. We have just heard that Gigi Moto will be playing at the Art Bar on the same evening, so if you're coming to Brugg to see her band, drop down to see us on the way (we're starting earlier).